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    • Publications : 991
    • Phenotypes : 178
    • Genes : 207
    • Mutations : 4583
    • SNVs : 3411
    • InDels : 1172
    • Last Update : 05/11/2017

    Welcome to the RetinoGenetics home page!

    Inherited retinal degeneration (IRD), a leading cause of human blindness worldwide, is exceptionally heterogeneous with clinical heterogeneity and genetic variety. For the past two decades, great progresses have been achieved in identifying disease-causing genes and mutations. Due to the genetic complexity of IRD, full spectrum and frequency in different populations of the mutations facilitate to improve genetic diagnosis, counseling and potential gene therapy. Meantime, there are growing needs to integrate genetic findings together.
    To address this issue, we developed a comprehensive database, RetinoGenetics, which contains all known IRD-related genes and mutations as well as informative annotations.
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    Ran X, Cai W J, Huang X F, et al. 'RetinoGenetics': a comprehensive mutation database for genes related to inherited retinal degeneration[J]. Database, 2014, 2014: bau047. PubMed